Derbyshire Education Business Partnership logo and branding.

These brand guidelines outline the elements which make up the DEBP brand. They include rules and values to help you compose and produce exciting designs with a high degree of creative flexibility.



Built around strong initials held by a firm bounding square and supported by a secondary block containing the full name, the DEBP brand will enable you to quickly build effective communication tools using its both flexible and adaptable nature.

Master Logo

The DEBP master logo should be used at all times. Where not possible, one of the logo variations should be used. This is to make sure the logo and brand are used in a consistent manner across all communications.

DEBP_Master Vector


1 Colour Version

On occasion the colour logo may either not be appropriate or restricted due of reproduction limits. On these occasions the logo is available in one colour versions, just black or just white.

DEBP B/W Vector


Reversed & Outlined

Reversed and outlined options are also available should the design call for it. These feature coloured letters (or 1 colour) on a white base, with or without a corresponding outline. Ideally these should be used sparingly.

Reverse Vector

Reverse PNG

Style Guide

Spacing, Sizes, Type & Colours


The Primary Palette should be used in all occasions for DEBP marketing communications.

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Download Swatch (.ase)

Isolation Area

To make sure the logo isn’t cramped within any design, it’s important to keep enough space around it. This isolation zone can be defined by the height of the capital D. A margin of clear space equivalent to this height is drawn around the logo to create the invisible boundary of the area.

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Minimum Size

There are no predetermined sizes for the DEBP logo. Scale and proportion should be determined by the available space, aesthetics, function and visibility. Minimum sizes are shown. There are separate minimums for print an web applications, as well as for the full logo and the DEBP only version.

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There are no fonts specified for use with the DEBP brand but there are a few recommendations.

Avenir Next

The DEBP Logo is set in Avenir Next. This is a fully featured font family that is used in various weights without condensing.

License Font

Available in many operating systems, Helvetica is a classic and well loved swiss font.

License Font

A staple of computing sans serifs, if no other option is available, Arial is the recommended fallback.

License Font


A series of 6 icons have been developed for various sectors that DEBP operate within. These are used to support the activity within sectors on certificates, emails or other purposes.

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Various templates and assets for everyday and occasional use…

Illustrator template for business cards.

Download Business Card (.ai)

Letterhead in Word format.

Download Blank Letterhead (.docx)

Certificate Template, 6 versions in Word format.

Download Certificates (.docx)